1.Continuous Religious Education(CRE):

CRE Includes:

  • Promote evidence based religion Practicing.

  • Islamic medical ethics classes.

  • Learn Quran classes /spiritual lectures.

  • Developing libraries with Islamic literature.¬†

  • And other Tarbiati sessions.

2.Continuous Professional development(CPD):

CPD Includes:

  • Developing both clinical skills and theoretical knowledge.

  • Up-to-date information.

  • Gain the knowledge about new researches.

3.Continuous Medical Education(CME):

CME Includes:

  • Education about new developing areas of field.

  • Lectures by experts.

  • Making sense of the latest emerging Data.

  • Certified Programs.

  • Credit hours lectures

4.Career Counseling:

Arranges career counseling seminars for both students and proffesionals related to the emerging field of physical thraphy.

5.Community-based Rehabilitation(CBR):

CBR Includes:

Physical therapy rehab

programs for the disabled and handicaped persons.

Give the health education to these people which includes promtoion of health educatoin, Prevention of Diseases  and give the medical care to patients.

Social empowerment:

The other main focus of community based rehabilitation is social empowerment of the disabled by increasing skills development, financial services and encourage self-employment of the disabled for playing his vital role in the society.

6.Relief Work:

  • Free medical camps.

  • Financial Aids to the deserving students and disabled persons.

  • Distribution of assistive aids.