Membership Instructions / Eligibilities

Read the Instructions Care fully

Every doctor eligible for registration with Association (Muslim Foundation of  Health Sciences) provided that

  • After understanding the Association’s mission, he / she declares that the same is his/her mission.

  • He/She has completed the 5 year medical degree programme.

  • He / She is in full agreement with the aims & objectives and the action plan of the Association.

  • He / She commits to bind himself / herself to the Association’s discipline, rules and regulations.

  • He / She strives to observe the obligatory duties of the Islamic Shariah and avoids major sins.

  • He / She is ready to pay the stipulated amount of money (as contribution) required to meet the monetary needs of the Association.

In accordance with the provisions stated above the procedure for joining the Association shall be that,

the applicant doctor shall fill the Online Membership Form with all required information.

The Central President shall approve the application; to refuse the membership he will have to consult the Shura Council.

The applicant shall consider himself a member of the Association only after the approval of the Central President.

The applicant shall be liable to the rights of the membership after he / she has received a written  approval of membership by Letter or Email.

Organization reserves the right to cancel your membership such a person who is not obeying the rules and regulation of our organization without any prior notice.

Membership Form

Please fill the Membership Form by giving correct required information

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